WALKING  TOURS (Private Events Only)

Walking tours are a great way to experience Baltimore while learning fun, frightening and funky facts and fables! The stuff you won't find in textbooks!

Got Ghosts? We do...and we'll tell you all about them on our award winning Walking Ghost Tour...who they are, where they haunt, why they're still here, and to what ends these troubled souls go to in order to make their presence felt by those currently living in and intruding upon their domain! Take a nighttime ghost walk through historic Fells Point on a spine-tingling journey into Baltimore's dark and troubled history, while meeting some of our more spirited residents and visiting our most horrific haunted sites!  

Love history, but how about with a with a funky twist? Check out our Twisted History Tour...Murder, Mayhem, Sex, Scandal & a few Hauntings all on one great tour! Set in and around some of Fell's Point's most historic street and alleyways, we've got the history you will NOT find in textbooks!

Want more cool history? Then check out our new Bootleggers & Rum Runners tour. Also available a pub crawl; both in and around Fells Point. Learn the history of prohibition in Maryland and how we, as the ONLY state to not enforce the draconian law, found ways to work around and hide our love of drink from J.Edgar Hoover's G-Men! Learn about Baltimore's Beer and Liquor riots, about the history of smuggling on the Chesapeake and beyond as well as the Bootlegging in Maryland's rural counties that allowed us to sneak in all the booze we needed to weather the Prohibition storm and keep the booze flowing! And once flowing the secrets of how we made it readily available to our residents!

How about for you Sports Fans...check out our soon to launch Sports Legends tour, available in both a walking tour and pub crawl version. Walk or Crawl in and around the Stadium area near the Inner Harbor and learn some of Baltimore's most awesome and little known sports history! Covering details of the Colt's stealthy and secret 2am escape from the city, the life of Babe Ruth, Ravens great Ray Lewis' murder trial, the Cal Ripken kidnapping scandal and the "Iron Man" himself, heroes like Johnny Unitas and Brooks Robinson, horse racing in Baltimore and so much more!

Walking Ghost Tour

Take a spine-tingling ghost walk through Fells Point's dark and troubled history, while meeting some of our more spirited residents! Learn more ›

Haunted Pub Crawl

Wanna go out drinking with a long dead infamous writer and a ghost lurks in the shadows, watching and waiting? A crawl so spooky, "it'll scare ya sober!" Learn more ›

Twisted History Tour

Coming soon...learn about the murder, mayhem, sex, scandal, angry mobs and pirates that made Baltimore the city it is today!   Learn more ›

Bootleggers & Rum Runners

Coming Soon... Learn the history of prohibition in MD and how we were the ONLY state to not enforce the law and kept the booze flowing! Learn more ›