Tours & Crawls on TV

Mike Carter - Friday, November 21, 2014

For those who missed it, Tours & Crawls CEO, Mike Carter spent the early hours of Halloween morning on location at The Admiral Fell Inn talking with WMAR-TV2's reporter Adrienne Green about ghost tours and the history and hauntings in Fells Point, Baltimore! Watch them here: 

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:

10 Things Only People From Baltimore Will Understand

Mike Carter - Thursday, September 04, 2014

Thanks again to Movoto and writer Erica Zane for dropping some more Baltimore knowledge! 

10 Things Only People From Baltimore Will Understand
It's all true Charm City!  

1. It’s Perfectly Acceptable To Address Everyone As “Hon”

10 Things Only People From Baltimore Will Understand
Source: Facebook user Honfest


Some Marylanders take offense to the stereotype of the “hon” but not Baltimoreans. They’re loud and proud about it, hon! They even have a “Honfest” that celebrates true hon culture. (If you want to meet a true Baltimore Hon, be sure to take one of Baltimore Tours & Crawls' Walking Ghost Tours or Haunted Pub Crawls with Stacy, winner and champion Bawlmer "Miss Hon" 2013!)

So get your hair done up, put on those fake eyelashes, and get ready for a hon parade cause this is Baltimore.

2. There Is Nothing Better On The Planet Than Berger’s Cookies

10 Things Only People From Baltimore Will Understand
Source: Flickr user Emily-Carlton


This classic, chocolatey, delicious Baltimore snack is not meant to be eaten lightly… you need at least a pound of Berger’s or you’re doing something wrong with your life. Quit being an amateur.

3. Except Maybe Kicking Back And Drinking Natty Boh All Day

10 Things Only People From Baltimore Will Understand
Source: Flickr user newskin0


National Bohemian Beer was brewed in Baltimore before recently being bought out by Pabst. But Baltimoreans don’t care. To them, it will always be the beer that defines their city.

This is, and will forever be, the beer any true Baltimorean craves on a hot summer day at the beach or while watching an Orioles game. It’s Natty Boh, or nothing.

4. Baltimoreans Have Complicated Feelings About “The Wire”

10 Things Only People From Baltimore Will Understand


No matter how much they deny it, Baltimoreans secretly love “The Wire” and the notoriety it gives the city. Plus, watching the show and seeing their neighborhoods, stores, and schools as sets is actually a pretty awesome thing about living in Baltimore.

5. Utz Potato Chips Are The Greatest Thing That Ever Happened To The Potato

10 Things Only People From Baltimore Will Understand
Source: Facebook user Utz Snacks


Utz Potato Chips are a way of life in Baltimore. Sprinkle a little J.O. Spice on them and you’re golden. Yum.

6. Wondering Who The Heck The Poe Toaster Is, And Where The Heck He Went

10 Things Only People From Baltimore Will Understand
Source: wikimedia user midnight dreary


If you’re a true Baltimorean, you’ve undoubtedly tried to get a glimpse of the Poe Toaster—a mysterious man who visited the grave of Poe on Poe’s birthday, leaving only a rose and a bottle of cognac behind.

The tradition went on for 75 years, and though it has since stopped, many Baltimoreans still visit the grave on Poe’s birthday to see if he’ll return. This is just one of those Baltimore traditions that’ll never really die.

7. Love The Orioles Or G.T.F.O (Especially You Nationals Fans)

10 Things Only People From Baltimore Will Understand
Source: blogspot user nats55


There’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned baseball rivalry to make a city. Almost all Baltimoreans (with any good sense in them) root tirelessly for the Baltimore Orioles. However, an unfortunate few still pledge loyalty to the Washington Nationals (for God knows what reason…)

So, Nationals fans beware. This is the Orioles’ city. And they’re proud of it.

8. The Need To Eat All The Delicious Crabs You Can Get Your Hands On

10 Things Only People From Baltimore Will Understand
Source: Facebook user Schultz’s Crab House


Everyone knows that Baltimore has the best blue crabs in all of Maryland. Don’t believe me? Head to the Baltimore Crab Festival. Or, better yet, the Baltimore Crab and Beer Festival.

Baltimoreans know how to make crab in a million different ways and could serve it to you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tip: you eat crabs with your hands. Utensils are not for true Baltimoreans.

9. A Holiday Hubcap At Nacho Mama’s Makes The World A Better (And Drunker) Place

10 Things Only People From Baltimore Will Understand
Source: Nacho Mama’s


All Baltimoreans know the best place to drink on a Friday night is Nacho Mama’s. Where else will you get to have a cheap, hubcap-sized margarita? The answer is nowhere. So drink up and enjoy. Plus, the nachos are, well, amazing.

10. Yelling At People About J.O. Spice Being Better Than Old Bay Just Comes Naturally To Baltimoreans (*Though they are wrong) 

10 Things Only People From Baltimore Will Understand
Source: J.O. Spice


All Baltimoreans know that J.O. Spice is where it’s at. If someone tells you its Old Bay, they’re clearly an outsider. So away with you, Baltimorean posers.

*As the founder and CEO of Tour & Crawls and an Annapolitan, I must disagree with Baltimore on this one...Old Bay on Chesapeake Bay caught crabs is the only way to go! With ice cold Natty Boh...of course!

Did we miss anything? Tell us what you think is unique about Baltimore in the comments below!

Fells Point Hanted Pub Crawl in Baltimore

Mike Carter - Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Baltimore Tours & Crawls tour guide extraordinaire Amanda went on Fox 45 News this morning to talk about our Fells Point Haunted Pub Crawls and Walking Ghost Tours...take a look! 

Cool Things to Do in Baltimore, MD

Mike Carter - Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Looking for something fun to do in Baltimore, MD? Here is our list of the fun things to do while visiting Charm City. Or, if you're a local looking for something different to do with friends and family!

  1. Take a Walking Ghost Tour with Baltimore Tours & Crawls!
  2. For adults...check out the Bars and the "Spirits" of Fells Point on a Haunted Pub Crawl with Baltimore Tours & Crawls!
  3. Fun for all ages can be found at the Baltimore Aquarium! The Jellyfish exhibition if REALLY cool! Don't forget to check out their website for special offers and deals!
  4. Another fun family-friendly place to visit is the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. They have special events happening all the time...For you locals, if you have not been recently, you should go back and check it out! And, they now serve beer!!! Just sayin'!
  5. The Baltimore Museum of Industry...a lesser known, but really fun place to go...especially with kids! Lots of hands on interaction displays!
  6. Check out dem O's! That's right, go to see the Baltimore Orioles play at Camden Yards...arguably the best ballpark in America! Have a Natty Boh (National Bohemian Beer) and a Crab Cake (or some of Boog's BBQ) and enjoy America's pastime! Just remember...during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner, it is customary to scream the "O" during the line "O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave" as loud as you can! This is not's just the Baltimore way!
  7. On the subject of sports and baseball, don't miss the Babe Ruth Birthplace and Sports Legends Museum! A must visit for the sports fan!
  8. Of course, go to a Baltimore Ravens game! The only professional sports team named after a poem (in this case Baltimore's own Edgar Allen Poe)! Nothing like being inside M&T Bank Stadium hearing the roar of the crowd as Joe Flacco and the rest of our Ravens do battle with the opposing team!
  9. Speaking of Ravens and Poe, don't miss the Edgar Allen Poe House and Museum! The house includes exhibits on Poe’s his life and death in Baltimore, poems and short stories written in Baltimore and significant artifacts including Poe’s chair, lap desk and telescope. You may leaving saying "Nevermore!"
  10. Take a walk through Fells Point, Federal Hill, Mount VernonCanton or one of our cities many other cool neighborhoods!
  11. Head on dewn (or down if you're not a local) to Hampden Village, Hon! Go see the REAL Bawlmer (or Baltimore, if you're not a local)! See the Baltimore that movie director John Waters features! Check out Hon Fest (of which our very own guide, Stacy Hurley holds the 2013 title of Miss Hon), Christmas Street (a holiday site to see!), shopping, dining and so much more. No trip to Baltimore is complete without a stop in Hampden Village!
  12. Have a real Maryland crab cake, pick crabs and eat some bay oysters...all washed down with Natty Boh, of course! This is a true delicacy from the Chesapeake Bay, right here in the Land of Pleasant Living! In our opinion, you have not lived until you've done this! And once you do, you'll be hooked! There are WAY too many great places to list. So, check out your favorite dining sites, ask your concierge, friends or one of our tour guides and we'll make sure you get your Bay eating on!

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