Pub Crawl Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a pub tour/crawl?
A: The term "pub crawl" originated in England where, much like downtown Annapolis, small pubs and taverns are within walking distance of one another. Partygoers could go from one tavern to the next stopping for one drink at each establishment. You can imagine that by the end of the evening, some of the folks were "crawling" rather than walking! In this particular case, you will have the opportunity to sample a variety of locally produced craft-brewed beers along the way!

Q: What if I don't want to "crawl"?
A: Rest assured; neither crawling nor drinking is required on this tour. Our goal is to provide you with a different evening of entertainment, which may include the liquid spirits of this world and/or of the historical spirits of our storied past! However, given this is a beer tasting tour, you might want to purchase a sip or two so you can appreciate what we're saying about each beer.

Q: Does my $20 ticket include beer or drinks?
A: Your $20 ticket guarantees your spot on the tour, lets you hear all our great stories, and provides you with a cool koozie and bracelet to impress all your friends and identify you as a "crawler" for the duration of the evening. The ticket price does not include drinks. Please bring extra money to purchase drinks along the tour route! Although most of our stops will accept credit cards, cash is preferred as it moves much faster.

Q: Is tipping acceptable or required?
A: That is totally at your discretion. Tipping is acceptable, but not required. We expect our guides to be highly professional, well-trained, and to entertain you regardless of potential gratuities. Many of our guests appreciate good service and choose to reward it, and the guides are always grateful. The same applies to the bartenders and servers at the bars we visit.

Q: Can we bring our own booze or carry cocktails from bar to bar?
A: No! As much as we would love to let you, Maryland law is pretty specific on both of these points. And the bars enforce them rigidly! This means no flasks, no bar-noculars, no pocket beers for the road, and no hiding a bottle in your wife's cleavage and then pulling it out at the next bar (they were huge, and it was quite an impressive feat). No outside alcohol is permitted...period, no exceptions. No drinks may leave the bar...period, no exceptions.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Well, that depends...If you're an attractive woman with nice curves, then a skimpy low-cut dress and stripper heels....just kidding! Smile, it got your attention didn't it! Now then, be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes. Dress appropriately for the weather (if it's raining we highly recommend raincoats and/or umbrellas). Please dress appropriately, as some of the bars in Annapolis do have dress codes. Shoes and shirts are required in all cases. Tank tops and cut-offs for men are not permitted in some establishments. We are not responsible if your attire does not conform to an establishment's dress codes.

Q: May I smoke on the Pub Crawl?
A: That is totally at your discretion. However, please be advised that Maryland law prohibits smoking inside any public building, and that includes restaurants and bars. Smokers must indulge outside in approved areas. Sorry, not our call.

Q: Is food available on the tour?
A: On our regular, open registration pub tours, we do not provide food and are generally not at each bar long enough for you to order food. But, if you are starving, I'm sure something could be worked out with the bartender....However, if you are booking custom private tour for a group, we can likely work with you and some of the bars that we visit to provide appetizers or other snacks if you'd like.

Q: Which bars do we visit?
A: Our route varies depending on the season, special events in Annapolis, bar availability, beer availability and the whim of our tour guides. We have visited Galway Bay, Harry Brownes, Sly Fox Pub, Drummer's Lot at the Maryland Inn, Castlebay, Federal House, Rams Head Tavern, Dock Street Bar & Grill and Middleton Tavern. In short, whoever has the best beers available on any given night! We will go to four bars on each tour, but specific route information is generally not available until the moment we depart.

Q: How does it actually work?
A: At each bar you visit, your guide will give you tons of information about the region's tastiest brews and give you plenty of time to purchase a beer of your choosing, a cocktail, or a soft drink. Then, your guide will tell you about the brewery in question as well as the specific beer(s) at the establishment, a bit about that location and perhaps of those nearby. You will stay in each bar approximately 20 minutes. The guide will provide you with a two-minute warning to finish your beverage, use the bathroom, etc. Then on to the next stop...

Q: I don't want to be around a bunch of drunken "barely legals!" What ages come on your tour?
A: Good question - obviously to come on the tour, you must be over 21; however, our groups are usually very mixed. We've hosted 21st birthday parties as well as 50th birthday parties and older (We've even taken out the Red Hats...apparently tea isn't the only thing these ladies drink!). If you have a large enough group, you can always book a private tour. In the past, guests of all ages have mingled on the crawl and had a great time.

Q: How long does the tour actually last?
A: The tours generally last between 2 and 2 1/2 hours depending upon the size of the group (as you can imagine, it takes a while to get 30 drinks!). However, if you have a curfew or if you turn into a pumpkin at midnight, please let the guide know and she will make sure to get you home in time!

Q: How long (distance) is your Pub Tour?
A: It depends on which route we take but in most cases the entire tour is less than half a mile, as you usually only walk short distances between bars. While it is far from strenuous, we do recommend that you wear comfortable walking shoes and dress for the weather!

Q: Can we bring cameras or video equipment?
A: Sure!!! How else are you going to show all your Facebook friends how cool a town Annapolis is, and how much fun our Pub Crawls are! So have fun, and good shooting!

Q: Does the tour run rain or shine?
A: Yes, the tour runs in all weather unless it's dangerous. If we cancel the event, participants may reschedule for a future tour.

Is there any reason a tour won't go out?
A: If a minimum guest count is unmet for a tour or in unsafe conditions we may postpone or cancel a tour. We would of course reschedule your tour, or refund your ticket purchase.

Q: Is the tour route wheelchair accessible?
A: Due to the nature of Annapolis and the fact that many taverns were built and established prior to the Americans for Disabilities Act, it may be difficult for someone in a wheelchair to attend the tour. On a private tour we can arrange a route that is wheelchair accessible. To inquire further, please contact us via the "Contact HistoricPubs" link.

Q: I am running late for the tour, will you wait for me?
A: We must start the tour on time because our other guests do not want to wait. If you are running late, please let us know (you will be provided contact information upon purchasing your tickets). Please give yourself plenty of time to get to the tour and find parking!

Q: Is there parking near the tour?
A: We recommend parking in one of the several parking garages in downtown Annapolis, as many meters only allow a maximum of 2 hours. However, meters are only in effect until 7:30pm. After that they offer free parking! Parking garage information will be provided to you upon purchasing your tickets.

Q: Do we go inside buildings during the tour?
A: But of course! How else would we get drinks!

Q: Do I need to bring ID?
A: ABSOLUTELY! We are not responsible if you are unable to gain entry into one of the taverns for failing to do so!

Q: Are gift certificates available?
A: Sure! Please contact us directly via the "Contact HistoricPubs" link to inquire about purchasing a gift certificate.

Q: Do you offer private tours?
A: Absolutely! Private tours are available! We can schedule group tours any night of the week, and at any time. $325 for up to 15 guests. $15 per additional guest (a $5 per guest savings). To arrange your group event, please contact us via the "Contact HistoricPubs" link.

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