Baltimore has always been a drinking town with a dark underbelly! Since Captain John Smith's ships left Jamestown and first explored her protected harbor in 1608, to the years that followed, Baltimore has been a city where crawling in and out of taverns has been the rule, not the exception!  For centuries, travelers and locals alike come to Fells Point to quench their thirst and fulfill their desires in our many notorious pubs, inns and taverns. From American patriots like George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson to writers like Edgar Allen Poe and pirate rogues such as Captain Kidd and William Boyce; anyone searching for food, drink or illicit diversions found their way into the city's many infamous taverns...and you can too!  Join us on one of our guided 2-hour Pub Crawls...if you think you can handle it! Drink in the history, Crawl out the door!

Tour operate year 'round and in all weather. So, come along and spend an evening with old friends or come along and make some new ones! See and hear about the side of Baltimore that very few know about, while throwing back a few tasty cocktails on a Pub Crawl of Fells Point!

Walking Ghost Tour

Take a spine-tingling ghost walk through Fells Point's dark and troubled history, while meeting some of our more spirited residents! Learn more ›

Haunted Pub Crawl

Wanna go out drinking with a long dead infamous writer and a ghost lurking in the shadows, watching & waiting? A crawl so spooky, "it'll scare ya sober!"  Learn more ›

Twisted History Pub Crawl

Coming soon...learn about the murder, mayhem, sex, scandal, angry mobs and pirates that made Baltimore the city it is today!   Learn more ›

Santa's Naughty Pub Crawl

Wanna go out drinking, carousing and caroling with our Bad Santa or Naughty Mrs. Claus? Enjoy a two-hour pub crawl and dirty caroling trip through the streets and pubs of Fells Point.  Learn more ›