Tired of made up stories, rushed tours and dubious history? So were we! Because you simply can't possibly fit all of Fells Point's amazing and spooky ghost stories into a one-hour tour! So we don't try! Take a 90-minute nighttime ghost walk of Baltimore with us through the historic waterfront district on a spine-tingling journey into Fells Point's dark and troubled history, while meeting some of our more spirited residents and visiting our most horrific haunted sites! Our tours will have you sleeping with one eye open!

From haunted taverns to restless spirits, we'll share the tales of these local ghosts:

  • Edgar Allen Poe - Where and how did he really die...and is he still there?
  • The Night Nurse - Still checking on her patients in their beds...their hotel beds!
  • The Boot Maker - Stomping around Fells Point's oldest Saloon after 200 years in the grave!
  • The "Working Girls" - Spent a life luring men into bed...and the afterlife as well!

Come find the answers to these and many more mysteries! So join us...if you DARE!

Tour Times:
Private Events only until Fall 2016

Interested in a Group Crawl?

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